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Why Design Thinking Now

  1. Nature’s love affair with novelty is in full bloom. Novelty, or change, is on the rampage. In a few short generations, the human race has gone from discovering fire to space exploration. Organizations of all stripes are coping with furious change. The lifespan of an S&P 500 company has shrunk from 67 years to 15 and its still shrinking. Why? Because its hard to adapt to change.
  2. Business leaders are having a tough time communicating with clarity while audiences, media and reference points are constantly in flux. Attention spans have shrunk, each generation speaks different media languages and corporate America is driven by a myopic focus on short term results. Disruption, a term for a lack of adaptability, is on the rise.
  3. Leading consultancies and change agencies recognize the need for deeper levels of insight about what’s happening. In the last few years, big consulting firms (Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey) have all bought leading design firms.
  4. Everyone is beginning to realize we need new strategies. Ways that are more fluid, modular, micro and most of all more connected to a deeper empathy for people and what they’re going through.
  5. Design Thinking is the answer — a process of human-centered methods and frameworks that help us turn information into solutions. Solutions that are Desirable, Feasible and Viable.
  6. The process works by using in-depth research, analysis and synthesis methods that toggle between states of reality and abstraction and modes of analysis and creation. [Insert cool diagram here]
  7. Why is this important? Companies are plagued by the innovation gap. Meaning our ability to make things far outweighs our understanding of what to make. Design methods help even the scales.
  8. Design Thinking embraces change and turns it into a competitive advantage. 
  9. What does all this mean for business leaders today? It may be better to invent your disruptor before it takes you by surprise.
  10. Now is the time to solve bigger problems with deeper insights.