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Innovation Training Workshops

What is innovation? Everybody seems to have a different answer. So when leaders talk about building a culture of innovation, do their associates even know what they mean? Seven employs an arsenal of effective tools to help organizations help establish a culture of innovation by first helping associates develop their own mindset around innovation.

The FourSight Thinking Profile is a great example of a quick and easy way to identify an individual’s unique thinking style when it comes to innovation. Clarifiers gather details; Ideators think big; Developers strive to get it right; Implementers get the job done. Once a team has a common awareness of how the process works, they are ready to learn about how certain tools and methods can help them innovate outside of their comfort zone.

Ask about how Seven helped one executive leader identify the innovation blind spot that was holding her team back.

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You might need Seven if

  • Your organization is going through big changes
  • You’re launching something new
  • You don’t have a clear vision for the future
  • You need insights about your customers
  • Your competitors are turning up the heat

Seven delivers

  • FourSight Thinking Profile
  • Innovation Toolset Training
  • Organization Innovation Readiness Assessments
  • Custom Facilitation Sessions
  • User Testing
  • Insight Development