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If your leadership team was individually asked to communicate your brand story or value proposition, would they all tell the same story? Two of the best assets you have to break through today’s cluttered media landscape are time and consistency. A sharp, resonating value proposition and brand story told the same way by management and employees over and over again is your best way to make an impact.

Ask about how Seven helped two technology companies from different countries merge into one and emerge with a compelling brand story that landed them in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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You might need Seven if

  • You can’t communicate your value in an elevator ride
  • Your management team isn’t on the same page
  • Your organization or product is going through big changes
  • Your brand is merging or acquiring
  • You’re launching a new product or company

Seven delivers

  • Website Architecture
  • Value Proposition
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Executive Communications
  • M&A Communications
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Plans