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Design Thinking

In the last 15 years, over half of the S&P 500 have gone out of business. Most because they were unable to adapt to change fast enough. And over the last five years, all the major consulting firms have gobbled up innovation firms (e.g. Deloitte/Doblin, McKinsey/Lunar). Why? Smart business leaders realize they need better problem solving methods that are more fluid, modular and micro but most of all connected to a deeper empathy for the people they seek to serve. Design Thinking is the answer — a system of methods and frameworks used to turn information (data, information, insights) into valuable ideas (products, services, solutions).

Ask about how Seven helped one architecture firm reimagine its future with a technology roadmap that took them from designing brick and mortar buildings to designing how teams will work in 2029.

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You might need Seven if

  • Your organization is going through big changes
  • You’re launching something new
  • You don’t have a clear vision for the future
  • You need insights about your customers
  • You’re looking for your blue ocean

Seven delivers

  • Organizational/Team Readiness
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Innovation Coaching
  • Innovation Design/Build/Launch
  • Thought Leadership, Workshops and Facilitation