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City of Chicago


“Urbs in Horto” is the quote legendary architect Daniel Burnham used in 1901 to open the historic Chicago Plan. The Latin phrase, which means City in a Garden, encapsulated his vision for a metropolis that combined modern amenities with natural preserves to support the “health and vigor of the people.” But as the city grew, urban congestion and competing tourist sites began to murky the waters of its crown jewel garden getaway, the Lincoln Park Conservatory.


Seven was called in to help the Chicago Park District analyze what was happening at the Lincoln Park Conservatory. What is the value of a garden escape in the middle of the city’s most glitzy, congested neighborhood? Where was the visitor experience working and not working? What could the City do to revitalize the attraction? And most importantly who were the power users and what was the spot’s value proposition? Through a combination of observation, analysis, ideation and strategic planning, Seven helped the City reimagine a new future for the Lincoln Park Conservatory.