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For years LexisNexis was known as an information services provider used by lawyers and students to look up case law references and obscure media references. But as the Big Data tsunami picked up speed, it found itself uniquely poised to become a leading provider in the risk management space. It had the technology, the supercomputers and the data scientists. But as a brand they were confined to those “back in the day” college memories, not a cutting edge Big Data company.


Seven led a total brand refresh to modernize a brand its customers referred to as “stodgy.” The project needed to unify numerous disparate business units; clarify, name and launch an ingredient brand; develop a brand strategy for an aggressive global acquisition plan; and craft a brand story to support sales and marketing.


  • Annual revenue grew from $600,000 to $1.5B over 7 consecutive years.
  • Increased consideration (+43%) and preference (+75%).
  • Increased Share of Voice 300%.
  • Attained highest customer advocacy scores (NPS) across all Reed Elsevier companies.
  • Created company-wide engagement program i am LexisNexis and a social intranet to shift traditional communications model to one more conducive to collaboration, innovation, and transparency. Work contributed to achievement of the highest Employee Engagement Scores across Reed Elsevier companies.
  • Managed brand integrations for 10 international acquisitions.